How To Ride A Mountain Bike On The Road

Not all riders have the opportunity of owning multiple bikes, therefore if a mountain bike is all you have got, it should be the simplest and most available and realistic choice. Fortunately, the pure mathematics of a mountain bike is pretty sensible for long distance traveling, with an additional upright riding position and wider tires. Older mountain bikes usually have long chain guards, which is helpful to keep your heels beyond your rear panniers. However, newer mountain bikes which are adjusted for race are beginning to shorten up the chain guards, which is claimed to boost traction while mounting. It should not be considered as a problem, however, one thing to remember particularly for smaller frame sizes. Most mountain bikes also have durable frame to carry up against the discomforts of cross-country riding.

There are many features of a mountain bike that usually cause people second guessing whether or not it will fit road riding. The primary feature is that mountain bikes typically comes with knobby tires. It is often a fast and cheap fix, as there is an over plus of slick tire choices available which will let you a smooth ride on the road with little rolling resistance.


As for transportation your load on, disc brakes will cause headaches once putting in racks. If you've got disc brakes, consider having a disc specific traveling rack for your wheel size (26" or 29er). Some examples would be the old Man Mountain Cold Springs racks, also known as Topeak hollow adventurer racks. If you do not need to avail this way, you'll always be able to come with a trailer , but again, be sure that you only select a trailer with the correct wheel clearance

Another mountain bike feature that may require some second thought that is the suspension fork. Once riding on the road, front and rear suspensions are not going to assist you a lot. However, most likely it will not ruin your ride either. If you have got a comparatively new suspension fork, you may lock it out for a more rigid ride. Steel rigid forks are relatively cheap and may be quickly swapped out by your natural look.

Handlebars projecting with flat bars will provide you an additional stable riding position but may limit the number of possible hand positions accessible in comparison to dropping bars. There isn't any reason you cannot change drop bars for your flat bars. However, this usually means you'll need to get a brand new set of shifters and brake controls.

If your mountain bike has 26" wheels, you need not feel down to 700c road wheels. Depending on how the wheels are tied up, 26" wheels can give better durability with their shorter spokes and wider rims. In fact, there is a good quantity of road bikes that comes around with smaller 26" and 650B wheel sizes to get the most advantage in strength.

Here are some reasons why I prefer Mountain Biking for exercise

mountain biking for exercise
  • More use of main and upper body muscles. You got to keep those performing from time to time.
  • Excellent for pedaling technique. Mountain bikers are best-known for having extremely useful pedaling technique.
  • Improved bike handling and excellent cornering techniques that may be transferred to the road bike.
  • Good training for your major part of fitness (MTB’ing contains many short volatile bursts)
  • Riding Endure events only is not just amazing but also perfect for strength.
  •  Pleasant variation of scenery.
  •  No need to worry regarding traffic.
  • No need to ride inside once the weather turns miserable. The wind isn't a problem on a cycle
  • The chance to beat the fellows World Health Organization you can’t get close to on a road bike
  • Mountain biking is usually considered to be a far friendlier and additional invitatory social scene than the road.
  • You will get a true, significant physical exercise in just a couple of hours by riding a bicycle.


1.Mountain Biking offers you an improved Workout: Riding on the road improves your vessel fitness for spinning at a high stroke for a prolonged time. From fast bursts to constant cardio output - and includes more muscle teams.

2. Mountain Biking is good for your Health. On top of that not having your ride with CO2-emitting vehicles, which is lot better for your lungs, significantly once you are cordoned off.

3. Trees: There is nothing quite just like the feeling of flying down a path through the woods with trees whispering.

4. Quiet and Solitude: Bicycle trails typically take you to remote, peaceful places, wherever you want to connect with nature. Even if you want to meditate and indulge yourself a bike can take you to your favorite and friendly places. You will miss such opportunity on a road bike.

5. Mountain biking attracts a lot of peaceful people. Whenever I've gone out for a road ride, everybody quickly gets extremely competitive. Once I leave mountain biking with my buddies, everyone is concerned. It helps to spend pleasant quality times and good laughs with sensible friends.

6. There are many of riding options to decide on from Cross-Country to all-Mountain, freeride, enduro, downhill and lift-assisted. In spite of who you're, there is a type of mountain biking to fit your temperament. Road riding? Umm... let's see... Riding on the road

7. Wipeouts on dirt hurts a lots but wipeouts on the pavement. (Cedric Garcia nevertheless - we're talking regarding the typical MTB wipeouts, not the sort of wipe out you get after you back flip off a 40-foot drop.)

8. No Cars. Nothing strict your mellow over 4,000 pounds of buzzing steel whizzing by you at 70 miles an hour, 18 inches away.

Bottom Line

Based on the factors, I found that more effort is required to ride a mountain bike on a grass-covered, leafed path with obstacles, compared to a road bike on a paved surface. Remember that assumes a bicycle course with grades and turns that are like which one would ride on the road. It also implies riding a mountain bike without the suspension. For bikes with suspension, there'll be extra energy spent on the path.

Adding up all the additional factors I discussed above, however, if I were forced, I might say mountain biking needs 50-150% more effort than a road ride of similar distance. So, I will say a 10-mile mountain bike ride is almost an equivalent (physically) to a 15-25 mile road ride.

Of course, other nippy things to estimate is the average speeds. If an average rider’s speed is 8mph on an MTB ride than on a road ride, the average speed is 18mph, which means the equivalent road ride is about 125th longer than the MTB ride.

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