Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike

The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike is an awesome case of what present day fixes ought to be joining. It also has a key design with perfect parts that assistance the bike to offer a high measure of effectiveness and comfort. At the point when contrasted with most different kinds of bicycles, fixes have significant parts which implies that they need to make the most out of what they do have, keeping in mind that the end goal to emerge and make prevalent ride and feel. This straight forwardness puts an emphasis on the parts as well as the construct and configuration too. On the off chance that one is supported over the other, then you could wind up with an average bicycle that does not perform to its fullest potential.

Fixie Bike

The fixie bike is a staple in the cycling scene. They are known for producing a portion of the best urban fixie style bikes at moderate cost. The Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike is one of the brand’ best merchants.

Accompanies a Flip Flop center

Fixie bikes comprehends the need to modify from fixie to single speed free wheel particularly in case you are not accustomed to it yet, that is the reason their speed fixie bicycle accompanies a flip-flop center point giving you the adaptability required whenever you are riding. Regardless of whether you need to feel more associated with your bike or simply need a trip not far, you can count this bike which will certainly satisfy your desires.

Stable on Rough Road

Some fixies feel too light and resound a huge amount of vibration of uneven streets, in any case, the Pure Fix Speed Bike gloats of high malleable edge and profound dish wheels that can deal with the roughest streets in the city. In addition, the Wellgo aluminum pedals are shocking solid, giving riders the additional grasp they require while riding on fixed gears. 

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike

Product Information


Nylon Slim

Gear System

Fix Gears


Alloy Thread less


Multi-Colors available

Customers Review


Pure Cycles Hi-ten Steel


700x28 C


Alloy Dual Pivot


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    Style: The Pure Fix Original has a genuine fixie look and feel that you see promptly. The frame fabricated, wheel set and handlebar get together and all join to give the bicycle the hip style with appearance of a genuine specially designed fixed gears transformation bicycle that you can find on numerous urban avenues.
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    Colors: The Pure Fix Original is really accessible in 30 diverse shading schemes which goes from all-dark look to the more intense and splendid shading combos favored by numerous rider today. The picture is a piece of the fixed rigging world, so the capacity to pick colors the best fit to your own inclination is valued.
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    Frame & Size: The casing of the Original is produced using high-ten steel and uses urban geometry with a straight fork with even dropouts. At the point when completely prepared the bicycle weights somewhere in the range of 22-24 pounds, contingent upon size. This is not the lightest you will experience but at the same time especially adequate combo.
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    Speed & Control: The Pure Fix Original’s drive train comprises of a combination center point with fixed heading, keeping the inward working free of earth dirt and dampness. The circumstances when you need freewheel riding just flip the wheel to the opposite side by using freewheel pinion set provided. The elastic grasp gives a suitable measure of non-abrasiveness while likewise guaranteeing a solid and secure guiding feel. The bicycle includes an extremely decent 44:16 gear proportion which is ideal for urban riding, particularly with kind of drive train. A KMC chain keeps everything moving alongside extreme BMX-style stage pedals with some additional foot scope. Promax caliper brakes hold down the ceasing viewpoints. The wheel set of the Pure Fix Original gives a lot of execution to move down its looks. 


The outline and size of the tires are okay and yet they can be somewhere feeble while being utilized on urban lanes that are not as smooth and free of shortcomings. You should update the tires later or get more solid tubes of the lanes and ways in your general vicinity are not smooth.

Unique Features Highlighted

What influences this fixed gear bikes to emerge is to feels extremely strong once you ride it. It does not feel like it is efficiently fabricated or as though the parts are prepared to fall off whenever, in fact it has solid and sturdy complete which enables riders to ride unhesitatingly and securely. This is the bike that makes your speculation justified. Despite all the trouble most fixes estimated beneath $400 accompany fair parts however not Pure Fix Original Bike which is stuffed with outline and utilitarian highlights worked for internal city or rough terrain riding. 

How to assemble your Pure Fix Fixed Gear Bike

Frequently Asked Question

What is the size of the tire?

The tire size is about 700x28 c.

What is the weight of this bike?

The weight is approximately 23 lbs.

Product Features

  • It is stacked with highlights including a flip-flop center to change from fixie to single speed mode.
  • The quality of its different parts is excellent.
  • This strong, sturdy and slick fixie is lucky grab at its reasonable cost.
  • Top notch quality.
  • Versatile and good customer services.

Final Verdict

The fixed gear makes the bicycle an awesome introduction for those that are simply getting into fixed gear bikes or for professional riders who just need the moderate flexibility to add to their bike accumulation. In addition, it accompanies an effortless removable front brake and in addition high-ductile completely TIG-welded steel outline. This makes the fixed especially more study and durable contrasted with others.

The Pure Fix Original is an adaptable and balanced fixed that hits all the accurate things, it includes an effective and lightweight drive train, freewheel choice and a huge amount of shades to browse. It is extremely tough, deft and simple to explore. The general quality and riding feel of Pure Fix Original makes it one of only a handful few fixie that are luring to the both apprentices and prepared riders who can value a well- assembled fixed gear bike. Lastly, Pure Fix has outlined its bicycle to be perfect with an extensive variety of frill which can all be effectively fastened to either the casing or a handlebar.

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