Mountain Biking Benefits

Mountain Biking has various health benefits. Mountain biking is both a breathtaking ride and a way of natural adventure. It helps to build up your body muscles and good for your cardiovascular system. It keeps your muscles strong and healthy. It also has some interesting benefits for your comfort and general safety. It decreases stress and makes you happy. Mountain biking acts to divert and helps riders to temporarily escape from their regular restless activities.

According to a research group, around 50 million Americans have tried mountain biking which is a huge number. It has huge benefits in terms of fitness and excitements are really incomparable. Mountain biking is such a journey can help you to stay healthy. Mountain biking can burn 10 to 20 calories in a minute and 500 to 1000 calories per hour. It depends on the speed level of your rides and the topography you are covering.

According to that rate, it can be said that mountain biking can help you lose extra weight or can help to keep you fit. In excess, biking can boost your body strength and develop the cardiovascular system and help to build your staying power that will bring more to the other parts of your life. Just 2 or 3 hours of mountain biking in a week can develop your lung capacity by up to 20 percent


Mountain bikes’ are designed for comfort. The structure of the frames the suspension, the wider wheels and knotty tires add comfort, better grip, and control in strong topography. Mountain biking has similarities with other biking but included features designed to increase durability and performance in jagged terrain.

Different age group and different types of people love to ride a mountain bike. The health benefits of mountain biking are very evident. Except for adventure and serious risks, having to mingle with more riders can be an outstanding cross activity for other sports.

Different types of mountain biking with their health benefits are given below

Cross Country

Cross Country Biking

Cross country is the most familiar type of mountain biking for common people. It is the set of easier trails or in a loop with a variety of terrain.


In terms of the cardiovascular order, cycling took the second position only for cross country riding. Spending long hours of training at high heart rate and high lactic acid absorptions formulate cross country highly demanding for your body. Additional courses on cross country riding can develop your VO2, lactate threshold. For a recreational rider cross country means progress of cardiovascular health.


Cross country riding is also good for muscle building. The lower body part will get benefited from the growth of muscle mass, staying power, and stamina during the short period of XC over a small hill. Cross country riding engagement is not only lowered body part but also upper body muscles shoulders, Biceps, forearms, upper abdominal and lower abdominals which provide pressure regulators at the time of uphill rides.

Trail Riding

Trail Riding

Trail Riding is called recreational mountain biking. Trail riding can be a single route or can be a part of long complexes. It consists of hopping and jumping bikes over obstacles with no touching a foot on the ground. It performs either off road or in an urban environment.


Enduro is traditionally called All Mountain riding (AM). There are two types of Enduro racing: Big Mountain and Gravity. Big Mountain Enduro is similar to downhill race but it takes longer sometimes it take a whole day to complete. Gravity enduro is an equal sum of uphill and downhill on paper, but uphill has no time limit. Besides, there is another enduro ride called Super-D. It is most similar to cross country. In North America, Enduro racing is very popular as everyman’s race


Enduro is the combination of both cross country and downhill race. Without developing a strong muscle strength stamina and cardiovascular capability to continue long ascents between both stages rider will need energetic power, stamina, and a huge knowledge on to tackle the downhill session


Downhill Biking

Downhill riding means trails on descending order as fast as you can. Downhill riding lasts standard 5-10 minutes. DH rider’s bike is prepared with front and rear suspension. It has large disc brakes and heavy frame tubing than other bikes.


If you don’t know the benefits of downhill riding on the cardiovascular system that means you don’t have enough knowledge about downhill riding. At the time of heavy breathing, your cardiovascular system will be engaged. The Very fit rider can face a hard time on breathing. It’s not like regular cardio exercise that you can continue for an hour. 5 minutes you will have to pull, push and squeeze. Downhill riding more than 5 minutes is cross fit training. It is risky.


Biking  requires wonderful fitness

Downhill mountain biking also requires wonderful fitness not only cardio fitness but also in muscle energetic power and stamina. You don’t need many pedal strokes like XC riding but your leg will burn and your grip stamina will be put to the real test.

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Here are some more benefits of Mountain biking

§ Fitness

It helps to reduce childhood obesity of kids and teenagers. Mountain biking is an excellent form of recreation for young people and children. Riding bike is the best cardio exercise and improves the muscles strength and burns hundred calories.

§ Low risk of illness

Biking can decrease the risk level of disease. Mountain biking can reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke. Three hours of bike riding on a week can keep doctors away and also help to keep various cancers away. Adult’s involvement in bike riding keeps them healthy and keeps their heart healthy. A study showed that people who are bike riding around 20 miles per week have less heart disease than the ones who did not.

§ Strong muscles and joint injury

Bike riding can be a good exercise for those adults who have been suffering from a joint injury. These injuries can occur from a different type of sports like running, jogging and long time sitting. Mountain biking helps all aged people to get the benefits of both running and jogging exercises which prevent joint injuries, knee injuries. So a mountain bike rider doesn’t need to running and jogging. So we can say biking has great health benefits

§ Better Recreation

Fitness always helps to grow self-confidence. Outdoor bike riding can decrease stress and the negative impact of stress. Mountain biking can also minimize the number of chemicals in the immune that can move forward the sternness of depression. Any exercise can help to reduce anxiety. Bike riding helps to drive away the negative thoughts which give anxiety and depression. It helps you to feel better. There is no good feeling like flying down a trail through the woods with trees.

§ Quiet and Solitude

Mountain Bike trails will take you to remote areas and peaceful places where you can communicate with nature and enjoy the beauty of outdoors. Rarely, you get these opportunities on a road biking, unless you have to live in a quiet place.

Meeting New Peoples

§ Meeting with new people

To become a part of any club means you are meeting with new people. Similarly, there are cycling clubs for mountains, mountain bike riders club and more. In these sports, you have a big opportunity to interact with other people who share your interest in mountain bike riding. You have a chance to find some new friends and mountain riding, partners. Riding with buddies is not only interesting but also safe and can look after each other.

Finally, from the above lists of health benefits of mountain bike riding, we can say mountain bike riding is very beneficial for the whole body including heart disease, joint injuries, muscle strength, stamina and staying power. Mountain biking is better than ordinary road biking because no other vehicles around with CO2, particularly you are surrounded by trees.

Mountain Biking is not only a way to keep you fit but it is very thrilling, interesting, companionable which allows you to explore the beauty of nature and see charming views. Mountain bike riding is a marvelous workout. If you are thinking about getting into mountain biking you can go for it.

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