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Mountain Bike Phone Mount

There are a lot of advantages in this world when you have owned your mountain bike phone mount. Just have this in your mind. How often do you take your calls when you are cycling? Most people just need to park their bikes so that they can be able to get into contact with that phone call or even read their messages.

Sometimes you even decide to ignore the calls that are very important or urgent without knowing. That should never happen anymore. With the availability of the best mountain bike phone mounts in the market, you can use them to listen to your favorite music, take calls, read messages or even use your phone as a GPS.

Buying guide for the Best Mountain Bike Phone Mount

  • You need to consider the model of your phone. This is very important because if you are planning to change your hone model in the future, then it means that you need to purchase a universal mount.
  • The size of your phone is also important in your purchasing guide. Buy a phone mount that will fit and hold your mobile sturdily.
  • You also need to ensure that you know the diameter of your frame. This will help you in making choices of buying a standard phone mount.
  • Look also at the special features of each item. If you need one that is weather resistant or shockproof, then it will need you to go down into the features of the model that you want to buy.

6 Best Mountain Bike Phone Mount


Mongoora Bike Phone Mount for any Smart Phone

This is a universal cutting edge product that hit 2017 with a storm. It is still the best in the market and is also selling out like a hot cake. If you want to have the best time with your phone, navigate around with ease and listen to your favorite music, you will get it all right here. This is a phone mount that has been carefully designed so that it can fit any smartphone out there. With your phone, you can now track your speed and distance. That means that you need to forget about the expensive computers that you need to buy. Security is also paramount. There is no need to just buy a phone mount that is going to ensure the end of your smartphone use by dropping it down as you ride. This is a clamp mount that has all that in mind. It has been made with the highest quality metal and also plastic materials.

Mongoora Mountain Bike Phone Mount
Mongoora Mountain Bike Phone Mount

Those that will use this product for extreme purposes have to be assured of added security. This is got from the extra durable silicone bands for extra protection. That is why your phone will always be insured 100% against any damage. It can also rotate at a 360 degree angle so that you get your best viewpoint well anchored. It is a clamp that is not going to bar you from fully accessing your smartphone screen.


  • It has been designed with a 360 degree rotating ability. This means that you can use the phone the way you want. You won’t remove it and operate like what others have offered in the market.
  • It will give you top security. It has 3 different silicone band colors. That will give you the ability to choose the best item for your usage in regard to color.
  • You can access all your phone features while you have the mount intact. You don’t have to remove your device from the clamp.
  • It is a universal bike phone mount, meaning that all smartphones will just fit in perfectly well.

Why a person or biker should buy this product

It is the simplest of all items to install. With only 2 minutes, you will have it in place and it will be ready to serve you. It also has the ability to take care of all diverse types of smartphones in the market. This is a solid piece of item and has been made to take care of your phone in the hardest types of terrain out there.

If there is a product that has made me happy in life, it is this item. Since I bought it, I have gone with it on a couple of rides and I can confirm that it is a sturdy and secure item. What also made me like it is that it has both the rubber grip and also the side pinchers. I got the simplest time installing it, with only one screw to screw in…

Greg Bybee

Widras Mountain Bike Phone Holder

This is a clamp that has been engineered from the best materials that you can find in the market. We know that ABS plastic and silicone are the best and durable materials. But that is not enough, it needs the qualified and experienced people to do the mix and come up with such an item. To make it better and smart than the others, we also ensure safety is our top priority. This is a bike mount that is unique and will give you the best service and ensure that you have peace of mind with your smartphone.

Your smartphone will always be firmly held in place all along your journey. The rubber clips that have been fitted on the system always ensure that all the pumps are absorbed and at the same time, protect your handlebar from any scratches. It is a universal product as it is adjustable to fit in any bike of your choice and can also handle a wide range of phones. Installation of the product is not that hard, you only need 45 seconds and you will be done with the job.

Widras Mountain Bike Phone Holder
Widras Mountain Bike Phone Holder


  • Has been made with a silicone band that goes round the edges to ensure perfect security for your phone.
  • Fitted with a 360 degree rotatable cradle that will ensure your convenience is well taken care of.
  • It has a unique ratchet mount that allows it to easily fit in any bar thickness.
  • Made from the best materials in the market that makes it to be durable.

Why a person or biker should buy this product

It will always be safe using it. Once you have clipped or mounted your phone on it, you will never get any worries throughout your journey

Since I bought this item, I have used it twice now and the results I got are fantastic. It is a product that is easy to install and has been made better to fit in the handlebar of a bike. When am on the road, my Apple 6 phone that I have fitted with a case also rests right in front of me. That makes me feel like am just driving on the road. It has the best price and also simple to use.


Roam Universal Mountain Bike Phone Mount

If you own any smartphone that is up to 3.5 inches wide, we have good news for you with us. We have a phone mount that has been made with a size that is adjustable so that it is able to fit handlebars that ranges from 7/8”-1-1/4 inches in diameter. The best part is that it can fit either your bicycle or motorcycle with ease. It fits in your handlebar by the use of a hard plastic grip that has also been made of silicone.

If you want to see your calls as they come, listen to your favorite music, get to your maps and navigation, keep viewing your time and speed and much more, you need such a bike mount that has been made just to ensure that your comfort is the priority. Your phone will be held safely with six points of grip.

Roam Universal Mountain Bike Phone Mount


  • It is a universal clamp and is able to fit even the smallest of handlebars in the market.
  • It also fits your phones with comfort. It has been designed with one thought in mind, the smartphone that you own.
  • Has been made from durable materials like premium hard plastic that will keep it off from breaking.

Why a person or biker should buy this product

It is a product that has been made with the best materials. That is why it is trustable to hold your phones strongly even when you are at top speed.

My expectation about his item was not what I got, higher standards than any other item on the market. When I bought it, I hard to put it on the full test, and it never failed at all. Even when I was going at speeds above 60mph, it was able to hold to vibrations and performed perfectly well. This is not just marketing, but the real deal that you need to have.

B. Hedges

IPOW Mountain Bike Phone Mount

This is a product that has been made to protect your phone from all edges so that it won ever fall. That is brought down due to the availability of 2 silicone butterfly bands that never fail at all. Another advantage that it has over many others is that it has been made and given a universal fit. Never worry about any vibration that can come to your phone at all because it has soft red rubber lines that are your savior.

Installing the product is as easy as 1 2 3. At the same time, it will give you a 360 degree rotation. You also need to remember or know that this is a product that does not only fit your bike or motorcycle well; it also stays in place well at all times. The rubbers holders are able to stretch far and are also very strong.

IPOW Mountain Bike Phone Holder
Ipow Mountain Bike Phone Mount


  • It has been designed with a universal fit. It fits most of your devices because it has a clamp that stretches from 2.3-3.5 inches wide.
  • It has rubber lines fitted on it that will ensure vibration does not affect your phone at all.
  • There are 2 silicone butterfly bands that can be used interchangeably to grip and protect your phone.
  • It has the ability to rotate in a 360 degree so that it can give you a chance of viewing it from any angle that you want.

Why a person or biker should buy this product

This is one of the great items that you can find in the market and it functions perfectly well. After fitting it on, you will be sure that your device will neither move nor shake as you ride.

I have acquired and owned this item for like 4 months now but I have to promise you that it has given me the best service in the world. It is easy to put it in place at all times. It also has that ability to ensure that safety is part of you, that is, if you are cycling and you need your phone to be always intact, it just ensures that you are not failed at all…

Albert Olivetti

Vibrelli Mountain Bike Phone Mount

If you have a phone that is 3.7 inches wide, this is a smartphone mount that has been designed for you. It fits bicycles and handlebars that have 0.9-1.3 inches. It comes with a strong but adjustable clamp silicone band that has the ability to grip your phone safely all the distance that you will go. Never worry about your screen and buttons because you will access them fully and also comfortably. The silicone bans also come in three different colors for you so that you will always have to make the best choice for your daily use.

Vibrelli Mountain Bike Phone Mount
Vibrelli Mountain Bike Phone Mount


  • It has been given a flexible design so that you are able to rotate it and also adjust it to the position that you want.
  • It has a quick release due to the easy ability to clip it on and off design that makes it the easiest to use.
  • Has an adjustable clamp that has silicone so that it is able to hold your phone firmly always.
  • It gives you full phone access without hindering anything.

Why a person or biker should buy this product

This is an item that has a rubber gasket and a clamp that is on the handlebars and that makes it to be rock solid. It never lets go of your device as you journey around. Remember that you will also get full access to your screen and buttons.

With my expensive Note 4, I have always got the best experience with the mount in my journeys. I love it all the way and it has never let my phone fall off completely. It has made me feel like the best camper in the world as it allows me to play my favorite music by using Bluetooth headphones and I have never lost my concentration.

Insane Diego

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount

The easiest item that you can install and remove at any time that you need is just right here for you. What you only need to do is to screw the flipper so that it is able to hold firmly. You can also remove it by the hand if you want to without you straining. It is an item that will ensure that you have the best viewing angle, thanks to its 360 rotating ability.

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount
TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount


  • It is compatible to fit most devices in the market.
  • It keeps your device within your usage and reaches you at any time you need it.
  • It provides the user with multiple protections due to the availability of the non-slip rubber.
  • The form carpet provides a soft cushioning to ensure that the phone does not receive nicks or scratches

Why a person or biker should buy this product

It is able to allow the user to release and unlock your phone in just a second with one hand. That gives you an easier time of doing your operations and getting back to work in no time. It will also give you the best optimal viewing due to its 360 rotatable ability.

It is a phone mount that worked and works great for me. I used it to hook my phone to the shopping cart and that worked great for me as the kid had some time watching movies as I did shopping. It is very stable and secure too.

J. Price

The benefits to using a Phone Mount

  • It helps in preventing you from distractions on the road as you cycle.
  • You don’t need to stop as you cycle so that you make or receive calls.
  • Play and listen and access your music without any difficulty at all.
  • In some instances, you can use your phone as a GPS locator and you will move easily to laces that you don’t know.
  • It can also be compatible with other devices like MP3 players.
  • You can also view your messages in a fast and easy manner

Final verdict of the Best Phone Mount

After looking at all our top products in the market that we have brought you, I can say that mountain bike mount, Ipow Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Rack Handlebar is the best one for users. Once installed, it holds on well and will never disappoint you. Unlike others, it has been done tests and found out that it is 99.9% good. In terms of holding your hone, it does that well and will not leave scratches or nicks to come across your phone. Buy it out and take the test.


In terms of choosing the best mountain bike phone mount that you can buy in the market, it is always a hard task. But we have taken our time and when I came across what is unique for you, I never let it go. That is why I came up and chose the best 6 that are almost similar in terms of features for you. They never fail the users at all and will always serve you like a king or queen.

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