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Best 6 Mountain Bike For Women Under $500

Why get a bicycle?

A good bicycling habit can reduce chances of stroke, heart attack, depression and so on. Riding a bicycle is just not only healthy; it’s fun and also a great form of exercise. It’s not just an easiest time efficient exercise; it’s also a cheap transportation method.

The best thing is that the habit of cycling is easy to fit into your daily routine and doesn’t require a hell lot of expertise.You can ride with your friends; even you can go for off track riding with them. If you like it slower than go for it, enjoy your surroundings. Go for off track, natural view there is breath taking. If you like faster, go for it. It will drain out all the monotony you had in your daily life. If adventures suit you, go for advanced level mountain biking. If you like fishing, taking your bike with you will be a great idea.

Cycling will allow you to have your lungs lots oxygen, which will end up clearing your brain. You will feel great. Riding 10 miles can burn approximately 500 calories. So, in the morning when you will reach your destination, you will also end up burning some fat.

GMC Yukon Fat Bike

The first fat bikes were introduced in 1986 as a prototype to ride over the Sahara, but soon they became famous. You can take these sorts of bike to race over frozen lakes and ice. So, the greatest advantage of a fat bike is the size.

In this type of bikes, tires are designed to provide you big flotation so you can ride over things like snow and sand. Normal bike will sink into and actually might be impossible to ride that bike.

It feels great to ride on a snowy day. But for that you need to choose a reliable bike and GMC Yukon Fat Bike is a great choice. GMC Yukon Fat Bike has over-sized fat tires which allow you to ride in any tracks. This bike is a perfect combination of performance and style.

Mud? Snow? Sand? Name it. If you are looking to pay visit on any muddy track you should probably choose this one. It has light weight handcrafted aluminum 6061 frame which comes with a replaceable rear derailleur hanger. It also got some amazing features like high tensile steel fork, ABC cable disc brakes and so on.

If you live in a sandy area, this bike will come handy to you. Not only on sand, you know how much control you require when you are riding on track covered with snow. Its Tourney rear derailleur and a wide range Shimano 14-34 cassette give you plenty of gear options. Its 7 speed with Shimano Rear Derailleur and Shifter provides more control over speed and gear change.

Apart from all these, simply riding this bike is fun. For summer time or on a monotonous day, riding this bike can be awesome. Also this bike is not that expensive. It fits riders from 5’6” up to 6’.

Diamonback women classic bike

Thinking of a birthday present for your partner then Diamondback Bicycles Women’s Serene Classic Frame Comfort Bike can be the best option for you.

Nothing can beat a peaceful bike ride, so journey on the Diamondback Women's Serene Classic 26" 21-Speed Comfort Bike and enjoy the beauty of nature. It contains DB 6061-T6 heat- treated aluminum frame with comfort Geometry internal cable routing and a replaceable hanger and ultralow standover height is easy to mount and inspires you into upright riding situation. Moreover, the user-friendly designed suspension fork, smart seat and ergonomic grips will help you to ride comfortably through all your favorite paths.

Extra wide 26" x 1.95" Smooth Comfort tires with 23h SSW26 alloy double-wall rims and professionally operating alloy linear brakes increase the traction and trustworthiness, creating this bike perfect for the casual bike path rider. It has Shimano TZ30 down-route front derailleur with a 31.8 mm clamp diameter, plus a 7-speed Shimano Tourney TY300 rear derailleur and Shimano EF-51 Easyfire 3 x 7-speed control. And it’s fork HL Zoom Comfort Suspension.

It comes in two different sizes. S= 5’4”-5’7”, M= 5’7”-5’10”. Handlebars are steel ultra-riser. The bike will be partially disassembled in a factory box. It comes with around 85% assembled and will need to install the parts of components. If you don’t feel comfortable to assembly you can bring the bike to a skilled bike shop to be assembled. This bike is best for 13 years old and up. It’s a very good looking comfort bike for your beloved one.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a 26-inch women's single-speed cruiser bike. Due to its color and cool cinematic look it has managed to gain a good attention. This classic curvy beach cruiser design with 17-inch durable steel frame and aluminum wheels. It fits from 5’ to 6’. It would have been great if you could choose a suitable color for you among 18 different frame colors. Unfortunately they don’t offer every color for all frame size.

Comfort of this bike has been improved considering the leisure ride. Its oversized seat, wide handlebars with rubber grip makes the ride comfortable for sure. It’s coaster brake will allow instant stopping.

Though single speed, three speed and seven speed, three of them manufactured considering pavement and hard-packed trails. However, when it comes to the features, there are few differences among them. While single speed is designed for casual recreational riding. It comes with coaster brakes and lots of color variations. On the other hand three speed and seven speed has less color choices. Both of them have been designed to cover more distance than single speed. You can climb hill easily with a three speed, but if you want to do high intensity riding than you should get the seven speed.

4. OPATER Folding Mountain Bike for Women


OPATER MTB Mountain Bike 26'' 24 Speed Sturdy Carbon Steel Frame Bike is a wonderful and comfortable folding mountain bike. If you are searching for a high-performance mountain bike which will permit you to ride assuredly both on and off road terrains then your search ends up now. Finest quality foldable mountain bikes don't have to come with a devastating price label. This folding mountain bike is designed to deliver incredible cycling experiences at a low price.

Bike frame 26*18" and the frame material is high carbon steel, frame size 26x17”, bike wheel size 26 inch and the tire comes with new Haiya 26”*1.95 antiskid tread pattern.

The MTB bike derailleur system is SHIMNOA TX35-8 89MM Rear Derailleur and front derailleur SHIMNAO TX50. It comes with aluminum alloy fork, the brake system is mechanical disc brake and brake lever X, Hub brake is YX-DB101. Front and rear hub is magnesium alloy three pole AIO wheel rotating.

This wonderful mountain bike is lightweight and simply portable to move around. It’s a Perfect bike for beginners, relaxation, single events, and to get fit. You can enjoy your quality time by riding this bike. This sturdy and nice looking bike has exceptional performance and comes with strong accessories.​

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Single Speed Fixie Bike comes with 29 different colors. So you can choose your favorite color along with the frame size. Color variations of this bike attract people more as they can choose color which fit in with their personality.

Its flip flop hub allows you to choose between fixed wheel and free wheel according to your necessity and preferences. However, if you choose freewheel remember to utilize the brake as your feet on pedal won’t stop your bike as fixed wheel.

Pure cycles provide you a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on frame and one-year manufacturer’s warranty on components. Its urban frame geometry helps to keep your desired speed and won’t hold you back.

This cool bike comes with three different categories called Original, Glow, Micro and Premium. Original, Glow and Micro this three comes with HI-Ten Steel Frame and also includes frame and components warranties, flip-flop hub, loose ball hub. However, they don’t offer sealed bearing hubs for this three. Again rear brake is optional for Original, Glow, Premium. On the other hand they have kept rear brake in Micro. Fun part is their Glow category bikes really Glows in Dark, they also offer this features on certain models of Micro category bike.

Pure Fix Original Bike

Their Premium category offers a 4130 chromo frame including Sealed Bearing hubs. However they don’t have any Glows in darks model in this category, which is kinda sad, and as mentioned earlier rear brake is optional in this category.

6. 26" Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

26-kent thruster kz2600 mountain bike

SIf you love off track riding than Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike will suit you perfectly. It’s a decent mountain bike under 300. Its Disc Brakes provide great stopping power while its Shimano 21 Speed Shifters with Rear Tourney Derailleur shifts quickly whenever you call for it. You will love the experience of riding this bike on off track, but don’t take it for mountain ride; it’s not prepared for extreme riding.

Its 26” wheel let you enjoy a great speed on flat surface and its linear pull disc brake is a perfect combination for the control over it. It’s a great entry level MTB for beginners. Its sturdy aluminum frame can take a good amount of shock and bumps; you can take it for a ride in woods without hesitation. You may find the saddle little uncomfortable. You may experience pain in a longer ride, but rest of the components of this bike works fine. Its dual suspension is capable to absorb lots of bumps and keeps you steady.

The color scheme of this bike is really admirable. It is also available with gift wrap, so you can surprise your better half with this great bike in this Christmas. Don’t try to assemble it by yourself if you are not a pro about it, this bike perform better if it is properly adjusted and maintained.

Get a bicycle for your Women this Christmas

If your girlfriend is conscious about health and fitness, than getting her a bicycle this Christmas will be the best idea. It’s an easy way to keep your body fit. Either of you can go for a bicycle ride together or maybe race together. The word you want hear from is the “Best Christmas gift ever”. There are plenty of cute good cycles which are going to fit your need for sure. You can choose a bicycle which suits her personality and just surprise her.

Final Words

Before you get a bicycle, you need to ask yourself why you want to get one? And how you are going to use that bike? If you live in a sandy area and you want it as your daily transport, than you should choose fat tire bikes. If you want it for street transport, than getting light weight reliable road bike is the coolest idea, but if you are looking for off track or downhill ride than you should pick Mountain bikes.

While choosing a bike, don’t get them from departmental store as they are very poorly assembled. If you are getting a bike for learning than remember that “Slower is safer”. Don’t forget to wear a helmet, that’s the most important safety gear. Don’t ride if you don’t feel it or if you don’t have sufficient energy. Remember to keep the energy to return, say you covered an area and now you are too tired return by cycle. It won’t be a good idea if such things happen.

While getting a bike, remember that frame size is important. Double check your required frame size, don’t buy it if that doesn’t feet you. Look for a bike which fits your price range, if you need an entry level bike try not to bother to get an advanced one.

All of the bike mentioned here are great bikes, but still if I have to take the hazard of choosing a better one, than I will give Firm strong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser 26” 7speed Bicycle more priority. It comes with front/rear hand brakes instead of pedal backwards coaster brakes. It’s also has been designed for much high intensity riding. But, if you live in sandy area, than you should go for GMC Yukon Fat Bike.

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