Top Selling Mountain Bike For Kids Under $200

I can still remember my first mountain bike, which was the first feeling of freedom to me. My parents choose the best mountain bike for me as the MTB has multiple options. I prefer the way of giving  freedom to my kids through biking. Your kids will also enjoy riding if you choose the right bike for them.

Selecting the best mountain bike for your kids is a bit challenging because you’re going to give him an off-road bike. But, the coolest thing about MTB is your kid will be able to use it for almost every sort of riding .

You must be very careful about the condition and placing of the parts of the mountain bike. Another important thing, you shouldn’t ignore, the safety feature of the bike, because your KID is going to ride on it.

This complete guide will assist  your thoughts to decide to buy the best mountain bike for your kid.


Kids Bike Buying Guide

While choosing a mountain bike for your kid, you should consider the following things with Prime Focus-

Get the right size:
Whenever you are about to buy a MTB for your little one, consider his/her current height. If he/she can reach the paddle comfortably, only then consider the bike for him/her. Does your kid touch the ground with both the feet while sitting on top? If you find it affirmative , you can proceed further. Remember that only the correct size of  bike can give your kid the best experience.

Safety first:
Along with the bike other necessary accessories like helmet and knee pads should be purchased. All the accessories including the bike should be bright in color as it will make the child visible from distance.

Get the right frame size:
You may have already learned that the bikes for children are generally measured by the wheel size not the frame. 18-24 inch wheel size will be suitable for  6-9 years kid and bigger one will be useless. You may think that  riding a bigger  bike will help your kid to grow tall but this will make  riding more frustrating and less fun for your them.

You get what you pay for:
When it comes to kid’s bike, we tend to think too much about the price. We think the child will grow  quickly and the bike will be of no use in next two or three years; but often we forget that the good quality comes with a good price. So if you want to provide your child a standard bike riding experience then leave the stinginess aside and choose a standard bike for your precious one. It has been seen that a good quality bike lasts longer and often two or even three younger siblings can ride the same bike, thus it becomes to be chipper compared to two or three bad quality bike.

Let your kid decide:
Children tend to be choosy about the color of anything; it is not different in the case of Mountain bikes. Even if you are planning for a Christmas surprise, take your kid with you while buying the MTB. Let the kid choose his/her favorite bike color. It will save you a lot of tantrums during Christmas time.

Get the right fit:
The right size of  bike will give your child a good riding experience but the right adjustments of saddle, paddle and the gear will make the ride memorable. Make all the necessary adjustments according to the child’s need. A well-adjusted bike is capable to increase the  joy of riding.

Make sure the bike is properly set:
If you are buying the bike from a bike shop or it comes through shipping, make sure every part of the bike is properly set. For that take the bike to a local bike shop and let them examine that all the components like steering units, brakes, gears, paddle and saddle are set properly. Ask them for a first test ride too. However, if you want to do it yourself, read the manual properly and set the bike accordingly.

Make sure if you own a bike for yourself or for your kid, you should own a tool kit containing basic tools like wrenches and keys. You never know when emergency may come and a tool kit will prove handy.

Suspension can give your child confidence to ride on rough terrain as it absorbs  extra bumps. For children aged 8-16, a MTB with great suspension can bring desirable amusements of riding.

Children whether they are 8 or 16, tend to be over curious. They might want to check the function of a chain or wheel and which may cause an accident by jamming their fingers into the chain. It is a good idea to choose a bike with chain guard.

Make sure your child is comfortable, stable & safe on the bike.

Should read about the health benefits of cycling.

20" Mongoose Girls' Ledge 2.1 Purple Mountain Bike


P.C: Amazon - 20" Mongoose Girls' Ledge 2.1 Purple Mountain Bike

Age Group: 6-12 Years

Best Suited: For girls with medium to tall

Assemble: Very easy to assemble

If you think you need a 7 speed MTB for your little angel, this could be a nice option. Mongoose use rear derailleur from Shimano and has my all-time favorite dual suspension. Three crankset will help  to control the motion transfer easily. Twist shifter ensures a higher accuracy in changing the gears. Linear brake will help to brake easily and effectively. The 20 inch wheel size is a good height for 6-12 years girls. But you can also select it for your girl up to 16. Girls often prefer Purple color and Mongoose Ledge is a purple bike. You don’t need an additional budget for kickstand. Moreover, the lightweight bike is just 12.6 kg which is easier to handle for girls.

20" Mongoose Top Features

Dual Suspension:
It is always good to have full suspension in your girl’s mountain bike. Rear suspension absorbs the vigorous shakes during off road riding. Front suspension helps your baby girl to control her MTB in downhills and riding on rough terrain.

Shimano Derailleur:
Having a rear derailleur in mountain bike is better and having it from Shimano is the best. Your daughter can easily swift the gear through the various sprocket. This will save your kid from catching the spoke.

Wheel Size:
The size of wheel is very crucial for selecting the right mountain bike. The perfect size bike is not only give comfort to your kid but also will save her from accident. This Mongoose bike has only 20” wheel height which will allow a 6-12 girl  preferable riding.

Diamondback Cobra Junior Boys Mountain Bike

Diamondback Cobra Junior Boys Mountain Bike

Diamondback Cobra Junior Mountain Bike

Age Group: 7-9 Years

Best Suited: For Boys who are tall and healthy

Assemble: Very easy to assemble, 15-20min

Diamondback combined utility, quality and affordability to one bike. Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Junior Boy's Mountain Bike is the best bike under 200. If your kid is crazy about extreme sports like mountain biking, just give him/her this ATB. The top quality tires ensure your child’s safety. The gears are excellent and give excellent performance. The brakes are of superior quality.

This one has heavy duty steel frame. This trail bike features 30 mm travel suspension fork. The 20” aluminum wheel bike comes with linear pull front and rear brakes. A whopping 119 customers provided these MTB positive reviews. It is best suited for 7-9 years old.

Though the name suggests “Boy’s” bike, it is loved by girls as well. As this Trail bike is made of durable 20” Hi-Ten frame, your youngster gets extra protection. The 30 mm travel fork saves your kid from all the unwanted bumps of the rough terrain. As this bike is little heavy, it is suggested that a parent should accompany the child during the ride.

My 7 year old boy loves it. I'm impressed with quality. Don't hesitate to buy. Now he can keep up on our longer rides and doesn't mind the hills as much. Great way to get them into the sport at a reasonable price.

Diamondback cobra Junior Boys Mountain Bike
Mike P 

Cobra Junior's Best Features

The steel frame of Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Cobra Junior Boy's Mountain Bike offers extra strength and durability. Your young one can feel same and protected on this well finished.

Smooth gear:
For a 9 year old, shifting gear can pose some challenge, but this trail bike comes with the perfect solution for it. Its effective Shimano MF-TZ20 front and rear gears smoothens the riding experience for your child.

Super Wheels:
The 20” alloy Wheels make the ride for your son/daughter extra fun! They roll easily on almost all terrain. The material of the wheel gives it longevity.

Reasonable price:
Do not go over the edge. A really expensive mountain bike does not necessarily provide all the necessary facilities. It is more acceptable if you choose a bike within a reasonable price but with all the essential and quality equipment.

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Cobra Junior Boy's Mountain Bike is giving you the chance to own a full suspension mountain bike under 200. Full suspension mountain bikes tend to be more expensive. You have to go way beyond your budget to purchase one of these, whereas Diamondback Junior Boy's Mountain Bike offers you the facility of full suspension in an affordable price. An expensive MTB does not ensure mastery or enjoyment of cycling rather an inexpensive yet fit for the cause bike like genesis would undoubtedly bring you more pleasure from cycling.

24" Mongoose Girl's Maxim Full Suspension Bike

24 Mongoose Girl's Maxim Full Suspension Bike

P.C: Amazon - 24" Mongoose Girl's Maxim Full Suspension Bike

Age Group: 10-14 Years

Best Suited: For older girls

Assemble: Very easy to assemble, 30-40min

The best quality of this Mongoose Girl's Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle is its aluminum suspension frame which enhances the ease and performance. The dual suspension fork gets rid of the uncomfortable bumps of the rough roads. Gear change on this bike is a breeze, 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters eases gear shifting. The best fit for this bike is 10-14 years old.

Reason to choose Mongoose Maxim 24" Bike

Swift brake:
The Alloy linear pull brakes give you the freedom of performing a sudden brake. A young kid can feel the urge to pull the brake suddenly; Mongoose Girl's Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle’s linear pull brakes make this process easy avoiding any chance of accident.

Wide ranges of gears:
This all-terrain bike features 3 pieces of mountain cranks which provides variety of gears; thus proving great ease of riding on various surface.

Brightly colored:
It might seem a little odd but brightly colored bicycle can bring extra safety for you. Bright color makes you and your bike visible from distance, thus you can be safe on mountain as well as on road.

Mongoose Girl's Maxim Bike

24 Mongoose Girl's Maxim Full Suspension Bike

Durable but not heavy:
If your Mountain Bike is heavy, it will become hard for you to ride it on mountain, especially on steep one. As you have to work against gravity, I suggest, go for a comparatively light weighted mountain bike, preferably with aluminum frame. But keep in mind, the bike has to be strong built so it can endure all the pressure and weight.

As you will ride on the rocky and rough path almost all the time, make sure your MTB has got one or two really good quality suspensions, which will absorb the bump and jerking and provide a smooth ride.

Diamondback Bicycles Tess Kid's Mountain Bike

Diamondback Tess Kid's Mountain Bike

Age Group: 7-10 Years

Best Suited: For average Boys & Girls

Assemble: Very easy to assemble, 30min

Diamondback Bicycles Tess Kid's Mountain Bike has lightweight aluminum frame. Key features of this bike are that it has a front shock system on it. This touring bicycle has a new type of braking system on it. It does have a gear shifter which is integrated into the front side. Handle bars are soft and also you can turn and twist them. Paddles on this bike are plastic.

The gear shifters are shimano. It has an adjustable shocking system and seat (saddle). It is a dual suspension bike. It is heavy shock absorber. It has a front and rear suspension. Its saddle is comfortable and perfect for kids. The assembly is quite easy. Your kid is safe on this MTB. This is easy enough to ride and the light weight allow your kid to ride the bike with ease. As it has great features like shock absorber, your young one will not face any difficulty even on rough terrain. This is a great bike for the price.

Why you choose Diamondback Tess Bike

Effective suspension:
Whenever you are on rough terrain, you are bound to feel the bumps and jerking. However, if you are on Diamondback Bicycles Youth Girls 2015 Tess 20 Complete Hard Tail Mountain Bike you can be assured that you will not feel most of the jerking; as this bike comes with 80 mm travel capacity suspension fork. The main work of a suspension fork is to absorb the bumps and make your off tail cycling smooth and comfortable. Both the suspension forks of this bike absorb the pressure completely and make your ride comfortable.

Fantastic Control:
The full suspension aluminum frame makes this bike lightweight thus giving you impressive control while riding. Unlike the heavy MTBs, Diamondback Bicycles Youth Girls 2015 Mountain Bike is easy to control while riding.

Sharp brake:
The front disk brake and rare V break allow you to perform sudden brakes. As the brakes are made from good quality aluminum, you can quickly release the brake and speed off without any hassle. Disk brake allows you to stop swiftly and the rare V brake gives you more control.

Effective Shifting:
The Diamondback Bicycles Youth Girls 2015 Tess 20 Complete Hard Tail Mountain Bike’s speed gears allow you to change the speed according to your need. In this multi gear bike, the higher and lower gears are the significant ones. Lower gear makes it easier for you to paddle swiftly while climbing up the mountain. Higher gear is great for speed but not so good for going up. For better speed, change the gears top to low before you start climbing a steep mountain. Lastly remember to keep the gears clean

Kent Super 20" Boys Bike

Kent 20 Mountain Bike

Kent 20 Mountain Bike

Age Group: 7-9 Years

Best Suited: For average boys

Assemble: Very very easy to assemble

Kent Super 20 Boys Bike, 20-Inch is such a bike which comes with the best price. This 20” bike with 7 speeds gearing and fully welded dual suspension will give your child the experience of a lifetime. The quick release seat clamps make the bike grow with the kid. An astounding 176 customer reviewed this awesome product and give it an overall 4 star. This trail bike is best suited for beginners, preferable age range 7-9 years. It has a steel frame which makes it little heavy. However, its gears are pretty awesome and it has an amazing Twist Grip Shifting.

As mountain bikes are designed for rough terrains, you need to frequently adjust the speed, gear or the height of the bike. Thus, flexible adjustability is a must have quality for a mountain bike. Always choose such mountain bike which can offer adjustable seat, gear, height etc.

Mountain bike is an extreme sports so no compromise in comfort issue. You need to feel ease and relaxed while riding the trail bike. The seat should be soft and properly cushioned. The paddles have to be able to whirl smoothly and the chain ought to be well oiled. All these will make your ride more comfortable, thus making it more enjoyable.

Safety is such an issue which you should never ignore, unless you want to spend months being at hospital! If that’s not the case then always check the reliability and durability of your bike before purchasing. Double check each and every part of the bike before purchasing it.

A steady speed is a must have for a mountain bike. Also, look for high speed. If you find this combination with all the other factors I have mentioned earlier, then delay no more, just pay the cash and hop on your dream bike.

Final thoughts

As promised, I tried to show you a way to pick the right mountain bike for your girl. You can decide anything but always prioritize your kid’s safety and happiness. Choose a MTB which can provide safety, comfort, good grip, gear, steady speed, and increase the overall joy of the ride itself. All of the reviewed bikes poses the desired features.


However, my choice is Diamondback Tess Kid's Mountain Bike. It offer a complete biking solution in a single bike like all Shimano systems, comfortable saddle, aluminum frame, dual suspension and front disk brake.

Based on the age and purpose, you could think for the other mountain bikes for your kid. No matter 6 or 17, each biking experience gives a feel of freedom to your child. Therefore, pick the best mountain bike for your beloved kid.

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