GMC Yukon Fat Mountain Bike

Whether on soil or snow, the GMC Yukon fat bicycle is prepared for your trail rides, cardio work out or any other purpose you set your mind to. It has an ideal mix of style and performance. It will take you places that you never imagined. You can ride nearly on any track and in any climatic condition. 

GMC Yukon comprises of an Aluminum frame which makes it lighter but solid. It costs less than 500 dollars. This is great news for individuals who are interested but are confused about whether to buy a bike or not, owing to cash crunch. The bike features superior quality Shimano components, guaranteed to make you fall in love with cycling all over again. The circle brake of this bike is another alluring element. In contrast to V brakes, plate brakes are better off in terms of performance and toughness and assembly of the parts is fairly simple.

Bicycle Type

There are different kinds of mountain bicycles intended for various purposes. For example, cross country mountain bikes are ideal for outdoor use, while full suspension mountain bikes are great for rough and uneven paths. This free ride mountain bike is utilized for different mountain biking purposes. The GMC Yukon mountain bike rides on rough landscapes effortlessly. However, your final purchase decision will rely upon your inclination and style.

Frame Materials

The material used to produce the frame of the bicycle will have an immediate effect on the quality, sturdiness and weight of the mountain bike. A steel frame makes the bicycle heavy and hard to transport, thus again aluminum frames are best as they are lightweight and reasonable.

Carbon Fiber

Bicycles made with carbon fiber can’t withstand extensive and serious mountain biking. There is a considerable amount of wear and tear in the process. Therefore, it is recommended for less frequent biking. The GMC Yukon Fat Mountain bike is an extraordinary bicycle which has wide tires as its highlight element. It is the best option, particularly for larger sized people. It includes a thick aluminum frame and a highly flexible steel suspension fork. This bicycle is exceptionally solid, good looking and will allow for safer rides, regardless of your landscape. 

GMC Yukon Fat Mountain Bike

Product Information


GMC Yukon


7 speed




Frame Size

18 inches

Wheel Size

26 inches



  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks

The only problem that we encountered so far is that the front brake grips tend to be a little complex to set sometimes. Also, the performance tends to somewhat dwindle sometimes, with much greater weight and requires extra effort to move.

Unique Features Highlighted

The GMC Yukon Fat Bike is a bicycle with additional expansive tires for the most part around 3.8 inches, the span of tires fluctuates to some degree. The tires have more surface area and low ground weight which make it very simple to move over highly inconvenient surfaces like snow, sand, mud, rock and etc. Besides this bicycles gives you a chance to maneuver over the roughest of trails gives you a feeling of ecstasy when biking and makes you feel invulnerable. In short, it is one of the best mountain Bicycles that you can get your hands on.

Some Best Features

  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Frame for quality and control.
  • Aluminum level Handlebar.
  • It has ABK link plate brakes.
  • High ductile steel fork.
  • Shimano Revo 7-speed SL-RS25 shifter.
  • 26x4 Inches tires and 26 inches aluminum wheels.
  • Shimano super-low 14T/34T cassette.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the size of tire?

The tire size is around 26x4 inches.

Do they make solid rubber tires for this bike?

Yes, it contains solid rubber to ride on rough terrain.

What is the weight of this bike?

The weight is 43.9 pounds but shipping weight will be approximately 52.9 pounds.

Final Verdict

The market for bicycles for both male and female and its related industry continues to expand and is at the pinnacle of advancement. Subsequently, fat bikes are getting increasingly popular, generally as a result of their impressive look and features for the most part. Street bicycles are quick and deft and are most reasonable for riding during day time, while dashing bicycles are favored on smooth cleared streets yet their mountain bicycles counterparts are more about control for the riders when gliding through rough terrain and landscape.

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