Diamondback Women’s Serene Classic Frame Comfort Bike

Diamondback Women’s Serene Classic Frame Comfort Bike

Diamond Bicycles have always been a class apart in the realm of seven speed bicycles. This superior brand has been known to build bicycles with the intention of delivering comfort and quality to its riders. This bicycle is intentionally intended for women bikers, but can easily be used other riders and kids for relaxed riding or for a simple recreational workout around the block. The most important element about Serene Classic bicycle is that it is reasonably priced, simple to adjust and looks great! Moreover, it is relatively steadier that a lot of similar quality bikes.

Bicycle Type

The diamondback bicycle gives an astounding performance, that too at a reasonable cost, even though it may be missing some of the other features that its rivals might have. It is a highly advantageous bicycle with a good number of features that let you make the most of your daily rides. Since the Diamondback has seven speeds and Shimano adapt framework your concerns with regards to ridable areas can go right out the window! The wide elastic seat gives u a plush and comfortable feel when riding.


The durable frame makes it convenient to ride on a wide range of street surfaces. Moreover, it stands tough against bumps and bruises. The frame is free sized, allowing people of all sizes, short, medium and tall ride it with ease. Being primarily a women’s bike, it has colorful and bold accents and provides a good security and accommodation for the female form. This is what makes this bike so popular among women bikers.

Gear System

Depending upon what sort of landscape you are riding on you will require a specific assortment of rigging. In general, no less than five speeds in your rigging framework will be an important consideration. Additionally, you should opt for a bike with a reputable outfit framework, for example, the Shimano equip framework that gives support to this bicycle. 

Murtisol Aluminum Comfort Bike 26’’ Commuter Bike

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Product Information




Diamondback comfort platform






Frame Size

15 & 17 inches

Wheel Size

26 inches


Alloy Linear

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Comfort Features

When purchasing women bicycle you should carefully analyze everything from the seat to the pedals and to the handlebar to ensure that, you don’t regret your purchase just after a few hours of riding. The ideal ladies bicycle, to a great extent, relies upon the saddle. And this is one of the features that Diamondback boasts about. A nice wide saddle to place your feet comfortably ensures you have a smooth sailing ride, free from cramps and discomfort.

Bike Brand

The brands of bicycle you purchase matters a lot, since bike brands happen to be popular for a reason. The frame, quality and features of a bicycle frequently rely upon the manufacturers whose product you are purchasing in the end. Distinguished brands tend to build their bikes with the riders’ interest in mind. Furthermore, you can check the client reviews on branded items such as these online for your satisfaction.


A common misconception is that high price means high quality. However, that is not always true. A quality bicycle need not necessarily be expensive. Of course, the cost of the bicycle should not be absurdly less. An extremely low budget bike should raise an alert in the light of the fact that something is likely fishy. Ensure that your potential bike has a reasonable price with regards to the quality of the material used to build it. Depending on your budget, you should buy a decently priced bike.


There are large collections of bicycle styles to browse through in the market. A wide variety of bikes are available, including comfort, hybrid and cruiser bicycles. Another class is the mountain bicycle and city comfort bike. The last class includes electric and non-electric bicycles. The Diamondback is reputed for providing both the style and comfort you need for travelling in the city on smooth street and asphalts. It is fitting that you know the style you need from the different bicycle classes and this article can help you to settle on the right decision.

Visor Design

These days head protectors are made with visors to shield your face from the sun and extreme climate. While the cost of the protective cap with visors matters, it is vital to guarantee it fits so the visor does not hinder your vision. This ladies Serene Classic bicycle is one of the best comfort bicycles with a good quality head protector and visor as an added perk.

Foam Material

There are a wide variety of foam material included with different bikes. The best one should be solid to hard impacts and at the same time delicate and comfortable to you. In this respect, the Diamondback foam material is quite reasonable and dependable.


The Women’s Serene Bike is in great condition for women and kids alike. They have been designed with the end goal of enhancing the cycling experience of its rider. Riding a bicycle should be fun, and for that, it is of utmost importance to feel secure while riding.

Unique Features Highlighted

The DIAMONDBACK Bicycles Women’s Serene Classic’s sole intention is to enable you to accomplish the joy of a bicycle ride at a sensible cost. Feel free to find it on Amazon or Amazon UK. Riding this bicycle is more or less straightforward. Its aluminum step-through casing is simple to get on and off securely and it places you in a natural, upright riding position. On the other hand, a suspension fork and seat post work with an extravagant seat, ergonomic holds, and a movable stem that make the Diamondback stand out among the most agreeable rides you can discover.

Some Best Features

  • The bicycle is very light in weight. Therefore, you can lift it over your head without much of an effort and this also makes it easy to move on rugged landscape.
  • This bicycle has a suspension fork on the front. This gives the bike superior riding security.
  • The bicycle is very simple to assemble with around 85 percent of its parts pre-setup.
  • It has comfort grasp handlebar and padded seat for a comfortable ride
  • You can easily embellish the bicycle if needed.
  • The nature of the bicycle makes it straightforward for any beginners to ride.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the size of the tires?

The tire are about 26x1.95 inches in size

Do they make solid rubber tires for this bike?

The tires are made from smooth comfort rubber.

What is the weight of this bike?

The product weight is around 33 lbs.

Final Verdict

The Diamond Bicycles Women’s Serene Classic Frame Comfort Bike is a bicycle that will keep you comfortable for a really long time, provided you handle it with appropriately. The bicycle’s features will keep you happy and confident when maneuvering around town. Regardless of the type of terrain you ride on, the shock absorbed included in the seat and casing should shield you from bumps or any sort of riding inconvenience. Lastly, most cyclists will find it difficult to locate a superior and comfortable ladies’ bike like the Diamondback Serene Classic Comfort Bike. It is the ultimate ladies’ bike when it comes to security, looks and comfort.

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