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How To Lock Your Bicycle Properly

A little attention paid to your bike’s security goes a long way. When parking your bike outdoors, there is no point snickering at the notion of anyone stealing your bike. Many people see no point investing in bike security and are reluctant to spend money on a quality bike lock. But you never know when […]

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How To Ride A Mountain Bike On The Road

Not all riders have the opportunity of owning multiple bikes, therefore if a mountain bike is all you have got, it should be the simplest and most available and realistic choice. Fortunately, the pure mathematics of a mountain bike is pretty sensible for long distance traveling, with an additional upright riding position and wider tires. […]

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Health Benefits of Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has couple of substantial and effective health benefits. It is such an energetic activity which can help you to burn huge calories per hour. Obviously, it depends on your rapidness, your strength, the terrain, trails and the climate. If you are riding on an uphill rocky territory on a warm day then you […]

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Mountain Biking Benefits

​Mountain Biking has various health benefits. Mountain biking is both a breathtaking ride and a way of natural adventure. It helps to build up your body muscles and good for your cardiovascular system. It keeps your muscles strong and healthy. It also has some interesting benefits for your comfort and general safety. It decreases stress […]

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