Best Mountain Bikes Under 1500 (Outstanding Performance)

For first timers that ride bikes, they always have an experience they can share with others. Personally, I can forget that kind of experience. I had difficulty stopping my bike as I was nearing a corner. You can easily tell where I ended! In a nearby bush. But I have come to realize that all that will have been avoided if I had knowledge of the existence of mountain bikes. Now can educate you that you can manage to get a bike that is less $1500. We have combined a list of the great and best mountain bikes under 1500.

Mountain Bike Buying Guide

Before you get to make a purchase of a MTB, you have to be educated on the key elements that you will look for in such a bike. here is small list of things that you should consider.

  • Brakes. One thing that you need to ensure your bike has before everything is the right kind of brakes. At this point, disc brakes are termed as a better option.
  • The materials that are used to make it are also vital. Most mountain bikes are either made of carbon fiber or aluminum. When making a choice, choose one that is stronger and lighter to you.
  • The tires. The bicycle should also have good tires that are fit to go through most terrains without getting spoilt. The thicker the tires the better for you.
  • The gears. These are also vital as they assist you in going at good speeds. They also make mountain climbing an easier task than the other normal type of bikes.

Here are bikes that you can choose from.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5 Mountain Bike

I know you have ridden many kinds of bikes but you have never tasted what this bike is made of but you have not fallen on the best mountain bikes brands. In fact, when you taste it, you will discard all others that you have. It has been made to feature durability, the best modern style in the market and the speed any starter, cycling enthusiastic, athlete, or even professional would desire to have. It does not matter where you live, because this bike will just reach there in a simple manner that you even never thought of.

For starters that want to have a first time riding this bike, they will experience what they have never experienced before. It is a bike that you will feel like you are in charge when you cruise over or above the mountains. The bike can also go through uneven grounds with simplicity. For beginners, that is the time they will feel that rush. But the good thing is that the bike has been made with great wheels that will give you surety of ground grip and control. Never mind if you fall because the bike has been strong to take the hit. Professionals also will love riding it or doing training activities.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike

Top Crucial Features

  • Made with great frames. You don’t have to get to worry about the bike anymore. In fact, most bikes that compete with it has been made from aluminum or even steel frames. But one thing I have come to realize is that they are not as sturdy as the carbon fiber frames that this bike has been made of. It is a strong material that allows you to use the bike on any surface and the bike will still be in one piece.
  • Fitted with the best speed system. If you ride a bike and you feel like you are not moving, then you are not riding. It is all about speed even on grounds that seem to be steep. That is why riding is always a fun thing to do. With this kind of bike, you will have it all. It has been made with a 27 speed system so that riders will have best time riding. The shimano gears ensures that you get to the best even top speed with ease.
  • Best type of brake system. A bike with such speed will never be useful to any one if not fitted with the best braking system. When the bike is this fast, if you don’t have the best brake to control it, then it can be a dangerous thing in your life. The brake system that it has been fitted with is one that works great and smoothly. It uses hydraulic dual disc brakes and with the shimano technology, you are able to stop virtually in all circumstances with ease.
  • Given a unique finish. It has a matte black, white or red finish that will match any jersey that you are planning to wear as you go out there to enjoy yourself. The seat post together with the handlebars have been also given a finish that is exceptional which make sit super light.
  • Pros
  • cons
  • It is a comfortable bike that you can ride on.
  • The brake system is powerful and will take care of you when you need it.
  • The design that it has is stylish and good looking.
  • The gears are also great and change smoothly so that you achieve your high speeds.

Something to note

Although the bike is this tough and has the best strength that you can find in the market, careless acts like mishandling it, caress assembly among others might leave you frustrated ride with care and caution remembering that high speeds can kill if you are not that keen. Remember that a bike helmet is of great help and use as you ride.

Raleigh Bikes Kodiak 2 Mountain Bike

I can assure you that with this bike with you, all the obligations that you had will be cancelled. This is because you will not feel like getting off it. With it, you will just have to hit the trails and tackle all the hard places people have not gone. It has been made with the latest features that makes it a unique bike. That is why you will find yourself cleaning lines that you never thought or imagined were possible. This is because of the unique tires that it has.

Drifting through the corners in a manner that has never been realized before is never going to be a hard thing anymore. In fact, for those that are looking for a bike for kids, this can also be a great option. The front and rear through axles work greatly to ensure that you get to turn on a corner with confidence, even when you are a new rider to it. Your weekends will never be workaholic anymore. Just relax out and chill with your bike, anywhere you want it to go, it will go, with swiftness that you will treasure and love.

Raleigh Mountain Bikes

Top Crucial Features

  • It has been made with the latest 27.5 plus tires and rims. These are no ordinary tires that you might have come across in other bikes. These are unique. For best moments of riding a bike, it should ensure that your comfort is guaranteed. These all starts with the traction of the tires on any trail that you will go. With this kind of tires, then you will be sure that you can handle your bike well and let it roll over in a cushy type of comfort.
  • Fork. Fitted with the SR Suntour Raidon 32 air. That makes it a better product to travel smoothly over the pumps without you feeling disturbed. This is a necessary feature especially when you are driving on terrains that are not smooth. With this fork suspension with the bike, you are sure of getting the best time riding.
  • The rear suspension. Fitted also with a Rockshox Monacrh type of rear suspension that also works pretty well in swallowing of pumps as you ride on. At the same time, it ensures that you get the best kind of responsive handling of the bike that means that you will not easily loose direction and control of the bike.
  • Has 11-42 wide cassette with a narrow but wide CNC. This is crucial in offering users with a great gear ratio so that you are able to get up and down the hill in a lighter way than majority of other bikes.
  • Angle Double Right
    Fitted with hydraulic disc brakes. They ensure that you have that stopping power whenever and wherever you need to stop in all weather conditions. With the dual suspension, you will find it being cushier and more forgiving that using those hardtail and extra big ones.
  • Pros
  • cons
  • The only downside that it has is it’s a bit heavy weight. But for the price, it fits well.
  • Does not have gear position indicator and shock lock out indicator.

Something to note

You have to change the gears in a timely manner so that you avoid spoiling them. 

Mongoose Salvo Sport 27.5" Wheel Frame Mountain Bicycle

Riding off to the trails is one of the best things that you can ever do in your adventures to the mountains. You will experience crisp air tickling through your neck in breezing style that you cannot easily experience with any other bike. Twigs will snap and crack beneath you as you go past them like wind. You will just experience everything as far as nature will allow you to feel. All in the good faith of making sure that you have a good experience with nature.

That is why you need to think of Mongoose type of mountain bikes because we understand why the rail has been converted to be your home. The only place that you will feel safe on is the rail and because of this, it is advisable that you also have a bike that will feel just the same as you feel. This is a bike that will be your greatest friend in all day riding. That is the reason that you will always find it ready to go as long as your friends will find the strength of moving. With the bike, you can do more, manage to ride harder and even rip faster. You can also buy a bike phone mount to carry your phone with you as you ride.

Mongoose Salvo Bike

Top Crucial Features

  • Given a balanced handling that is crucial for the off-road riding fun. The dimensions that the cockpit of the bike has been given is pretty good for the trail use. The combination of useful and reasonable length together with the best stem and width bars makes sure that you cruise in style.
  • The angles of the frame are a relatively steep with tires being slippery. This is an added advantage to any bike because you as a rider will have that authority and leverage right in your hands to enjoy better control.
  • It will allow you to enjoy the best kind of traction from both ends. It all depends on your taste. There are others that will think of softer compound tires which is always an obvious upgrade. But the fact is that you can make the most out of the tires that it has been fitted with until you have some cash to do some change. They have been designed and made to go through the trails like never before.
  • Has a frame that is well made with a floating shock mount. The chassis that the bike has been made off will certainly score high when you compare it with others. To begin with, you will notice that the head tube is oversized and also ring reinforced. The down tube and the top tube have been both given a subtle curve. The down tube will allow for clearance while the top one will allow you to do short content clearance.
  • Angle Double Right
    Fitted with the best asymmetric chainstay terminals. They have been made in such a manner that they continue in a forward manner past the main pivot. That will provide a floating kind of mount for the bottom of the coil shock that is a bit long.
  • Pros
  • cons
  • The rear shock is non-adjustable and very slow. It will soon pack down and will get overwhelmed when it has got multiple hits.

Something to note

The bike has a heft weight and that means that pedaling will be a bit tasky. But what you need to do is to be patient when you are doing climbs.

Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande Fat Mountain Bike

When you have a look at this bike, like its namesake, you will be surprised at how quick and nimble it might be compared to its size. It is a machine that might look like a lumbering beast and heavy. But I have to assure you that after managing a few pedal strokes, it changes and becomes so light that you can’t imagine off. That is why it just fall as in this trail capable machines to use for adventurous times. Don’t look at the bike and get mesmerized, wait till it takes you to places that you even never thought off that is when it will be your friend indeed.

The bike has been designed around a rigid platform to shave pounds. The tires have been put on purpose, to allow you enjoy their suspension ability, something that they have been proofed to be done in a well manner. The aluminum tubes have been hydro formed, this way, the frame and the fork will allow you to enjoy a ride that is nimble. You can buy a bike water bottle and carry it along with you.

Diamondback fat tire Bike

Top Crucial Features

  • Designed with a hydroformed aluminum frame and fork and fitted with 95mm rims and 4.9 inch tires. These are two things that ensure that the bike serves the purpose that it was made for. You will realize that the tires are bigger enough to allow you to pass through bumps with ease. That means that they act just like a suspension. You will not be bogged down by the trail stones, pumps and many other things.
  • Cable actuated hydraulic disc brakes. They have been put to ensure that things are mechanically simple when it is time to stop. They have been paired to 160mm rotors both in the front and on the rear side. The brakes are well put and will give you that confidence of riding at whatever point, especially when you are coming downhill.
  • Fitted with a drivetrain gear. This is a king of gear that ensure that you are able to cruise pretty well in any kind of terrain that you move on. In this way, you will not get tired as you cycle around. When you reach a hill that is steep, what you just need to do is to engage a different gear and you move with swift.
  • Pros
  • cons
  • For starts, it can be a beat heavy because of the tires that are used in making it and not the enormous tubes that are in the tires.
  • When you have engage the lowest gear, the chain will tend to scratch against one side of the tire, giving out some noise that is not pleasing.

Something to note

The brakes have been fitted to tiny rotors. That means that if you ride in high speed, he momentum of the bike will be high and the brakes will not be able to check the tires well. When you burn into high speed, be prepared to overcook the apex and then steamroll into the bushes.

BEIOU Carbon Dual Suspension Mountain Bicycles All Terrain

A good bike should not choose who should be able to ride it, either a professional or a starter. This is the bike that has no boundaries. If you don’t manage to have the right as a beginner, the kind of memories that you will have will always be bad ones. Expect to always fall down, having trouble pedaling among other problems. But with this bike, it will make you have good memories of riding a bike for the first time.

The bike is unique because of its strength and versatility. That is why this full suspension mountain bike is chosen to be the best choice for both beginners and professionals alike. The bike will always respond well to your needs. It is good to ride through the concrete or even off the road. It has been designed with the best kind of brakes which make it a good bike for women. The brakes will make sure that the bike stops when you need it to stop.

BEIOU Mountain Bike

Top Crucial Features

  • The frames that it has been made with are of high quality. It has been made of frames that have a maximum of 11.8 kg. they are made from carbon fiber which is known to be much lighter when you compare it with most metals out there. Other than that, this carbon fiber is one material that will highly resist rust and also damage, making the bike to be portable.
  • Given the best aesthetic finish. Bikes are not only build for roads, but they should also be good to look at. It has a beautiful matte black, white and red colors that give it its added beauty. You might wonder why this 3 colors have been chosen. But the answer is just simple, they are able to match other type of colors, especially those that emanate from jerseys and helmets that you wear.
  • A braking system that is efficient (Use of disc brakes). If you are riding a bike that does not have a good kind of braking system, then that is something that is going to be disastrous to you. A bike that is good will allow you to come to a stop at any one moment that you need, even when you cruising downhill. The brakes that it has been fitted with are so good and will allow you to avoid any kind of collision as you move along rocky rides.
  • Angle Double Right
    The Shimano M610 speed system. There is no one that will love to cycle a bike that will always stroll around. To evade this kind of situations that are embarrassing, this bike has a high performing ability, when it comes to speed. You don’t have to get worried anymore because you can now keep up with your appointments or even take part in races. Fitted with a 30 speed system that you can accelerate and control with easiness.
  • Pros
  • cons
  • The seat that it has been made of is somehow uncomfortable, something that is not expected.

Something to note

This is a bike that is known also as a better hardtail bike. Many experts have the opinion that this kind of bikes beat suspension bikes. It will give your arms a better workout than others, your body will also manage to acquire a certain kind of posture that will put some weight on your arms and ensure that muscles develop better.

Kindsells Folding Electric Mountain Bicycle for Unisex Adults

A unique kind of bike is now taking the market in style and with storm. This is a kind of bike that you will never put aside at whatever time that you need to take a ride. It comes two in one, that is an E-bike and an assisted bicycle. This is why many love it. It has been given a smart design that will both conserve your energy as you ride and at the same time, take care of your health. The assisted bike is vital because it will ensure that you get to exercise your health. When you have no strength to riding, you can go a step forward and choose the E-bike.

Kindsells Folding Electric Mountain Bicycle

Top Crucial Features

  • It has been made with two working modes for you to choose from. That is the E-bike and the assisted bicycle.​​​​
  • Made with a design that is special. The bike can fold down so that it easily fits a small space. In this way, the bike also becomes convenient in travelling as it is portable.
  • The tires that it has are anti-slip and at the same time, wear resistant. When you go out to ride, tires can easily get spoilt over time. This tires have been made using the latest technology. That is why they will serve you for a longer time.
  • Angle Double Right
    The type of material that has been used in making it is one of high quality. When you start from the frame, you will realize that it has been made of metal, the front part of the fork also hails from carbon steel that is strong, and the shock absorber is perfect in ensuring that you get to enjoy the best riding time.
  • Angle Double Right
    A better braking system. The use of disc brakes both at the rear and also at the front ensure that your safety is guaranteed. With the 21 speed transmission ability, you have the ability to choose the right kind of speed that you want.
  • Angle Double Right
    Fitted with a lithium battery and also a high speed motor. The battery can hold up to 36V of charge. At the same time, there is a battery charger that will assist you ride up to 50 KMs. The motor is also brushless and will assist you in travel at speeds of up to 15mph.
  • Pros
  • cons
  • No disadvantage noted so far.

Something to note

This is a bike that works on both worlds, as a mountain bike, and an exercise bike. You have to choose what to want to do with the bike before you start cycling.


Finding the right kind of mountain bike is always a hard task. That is why you need people that have vast experience in bikes to get you assisted. We came out to assist you find the best mountain bikes for the money and I am pretty sure that you have learned from this article a greatly. Now, it is your turn to make the right kind of choice and buy a bike that can go through the terrains with ease. Inform others and lets all start the party of cycling.

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