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Best Mountain Bike Under 200 Dollar

I have a fascination with bicycle riding from my childhood. And now I am passionate to ride on a mountain bike. I have the affection to attach myself with nature and to enjoy all its beauties. Blazing over and done with bumpy rocks and parting a track of dust just after me has become hunger to me of my everyday life. So, I can explain the necessity of choosing the best mountain bike under $200.

Even if you are thinking of the best bike under 200 with fewer features instead of your desired bike. Nowadays you will find heaps of bikes with double features than their price.

I am here to help you choose suitable and perfect entry level bikes for you under 200 Dollar.

Best Mountain Bike Under $200 – My Favorites

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MTB Name
Hyper Shocker 26" 18-Speed Men's Bike, Model OPP-152601
Hyper Shocker 26" 18-Speed Men's Bike, Model OPP-152601
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MTB Name
Hyper Shocker 26" 18-Speed Men's Bike, Model OPP-152601
Hyper Shocker 26" 18-Speed Men's Bike, Model OPP-152601
Buy Now

Why you choose a Bike under $200

Expensive products don’t always mean the better quality. Obviously, you need to ensure that you are not going to buy a cheap bike which can be broken down very frequently while using. Though protection is first preference still there are lots of choices to buy a cheap bike in the market which will never dissatisfy you.

  • For Beginners, the best cheap mountain bike under 200 can be a good option because an expensive bike can come with lots of fancy features that might be complex for you.
  • Sometimes it’s a better way to save a little money and I think there is nothing wrong with a cheap good deal.
  • Most essentially, low-priced bikes are usually made of strong and durable materials like steel and feature stout designs that can raise safety and durability at the cost of swiftness. Heavyweight frames might bother an expert racer trying to cut down his finest time for an additional second; however, for spontaneous bike lovers, they don’t affect any awkwardness. Trainees need steadiness and perfect control of the vehicle, not very extreme performance. Elegantly selected bike from low priced group sometimes may surpass expectations in this regard.

There are lots of options in the market. But to find the Best Bike under $200 is not an easy job.

Things I consider while buying a bike under $200


Initially, I would like to know what is the bike made of and how much the expected tolerance because there is no point to buy a budget bike if you are spending too much money for repairing it. That is why we need to know about the materials used to construct the frame and the quality of all other components like the suspension type and transmission system before choosing a bike.

Wheel Size

One more important feature is wheel size. On the basis of the height of the rider and the usual way of use, you may like to consider a higher or smaller bike. There is lots of variety of sizes available on a low budget. Though bigger wheels are most comfortable it comes with high-quality tires. Steel wheels are stronger but heavy in weight than aluminum wheels and you won’t be able to ride very faster.

This is also important to know that how the bike will mostly be used. Naturally, low budget bikes might be weak if you take out of their usual parts. Some bikes can perform fine on concrete but less on a greasy surface. You need to resolve how you want to ride the bike and you will find the right one that fits you.


Most of the mountain bikes come with front and rear suspension. The type and the feature of your suspension should be estimated depending on your riding requirements. If you are an entry-level rider and want to ride on easy trials then you may escape with a medium range suspension.

After knowing all the details information of all products in the market can be tricky to decide which one to buy. That is why I have researched and tested on 10 best bikes under $200 and picked the top 6 best bikes. My experience will help you to pick the best one with all the details.

Top 8 Best Mountain Bike under 200 Review

1. Roadmaster – 26 Inches Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

If you are planning to have a trip to your neighborhood then you are on the right track and Roadmaster 26″ Men’s Granite Peak Men’s Bike is the best option for you that you are looking for. It must be a great deal for your budget because it is price worthy for value. This bike is designed such a manner that you can go places with it. Riding with it is really fun.

Roadmaster 26” Men’s Granite peak features with a tire grid tread which grips dirt or pavement. Its suspension fork smoothness the bump forward of you. It has 18 speeds and the shifter is SRAM drive twist shifter so that can alter the gear easily and this is made by the three-piece mountain crank which deals with wide range of gear. Its linear pull brakes provide you the great stopping power so you can ride wherever you like and stop without difficulty.

Roadmaster – 26 Inches Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike


  • It features with steel frame material and the handlebar of the bike is also made of steel
  • Suspension is front fork and the front fork contains shock absorbers
  • It comes with a padded seat which is very comfortable
  • Alloy made rims
  • Wheel size is 26 inches
  • It’s an adult men’s bike
  • The comes with 18 gear shifters
  • The bike weight is 38.6 lbs


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good looking
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Durable
  • Good suspension


  • Can get scratches easily

2. Generic 26″ Hyper Havoc Full Suspension Men’s Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes nowadays come at a very steep price. However, if you are looking for the best mountain bikes under $200 then you should definitely try the Generic 26″ Hyper Havoc Full Suspension Men’s Mountain Bike. This is a mountain bike under $200 that promises a lot of features that would satisfy a bike rider like yourself.

Generic 26″ Hyper Havoc Full Suspension Men’s Mountain Bike promises to be smooth, stable, and very fun to ride. The wheels are 26 inches in size; a full suspension with an aluminum frame. You get a 21-speed gear with Shimano pull brake that works perfectly and gives you the control you have been looking for.

The dual suspension is crafted beautifully that doesn’t even let your feel a bump on the road. You’ll be amazed by the super-light aluminum frame that not only is light but also very strong and durable. This gives you a lot of support and also helps to absorb most of the shocks on the road.

While traveling at the high speed that this bike promises you, you will need to stop quickly as well. and here is where the Shimano rear and front brakes come in to play. These brakes are very reliable and help you stop almost instantly at any point of speed you are traveling at.

The most attractive feature that Generic 26″ Hyper Havoc Full Suspension Men’s Mountain Bike offers is the comfort and durability for the rider. Any passionate ride would enjoy traveling in this mountain bike because of its padded Gel seat and the full suspension that absorbs the shocks. Overall, this is one of the best bikes under $200.

Generic 26 Hyper Havoc Full Suspension Men’s Mountain Bike


  • Dual disc brakes that provide instant stopping force
  • 21 speed shifters to travel at high speed
  • Aluminum frame that promises to be strong and durable
  • Full suspension absorbing all shocks


  • Affordable by all
  • A good strong and durable frame
  • Great handling
  • Reliable braking system


  • Adjustments required

3. Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak Girls’ Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a bike under $200 for your girl, the Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak Girls’ Mountain Bike is the perfect one for your girl. This bike is perfect for a neighborhood stroll even with uneven paths on it. The bike has a steel mountain frame and also a front suspension fork. This ensures that every ride your girl takes is comfortable and is easily navigated.

The knobby tire projections provide enough friction for any uneven path and this gives the rider full control. The allow rims of the Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak Girls’ Mountain Bike gives you the much-wanted stability and durability during your neighborhood ride. This bike has 18-speed twist shifters that give you a good speed and also has Shimano rear derailleur. This allows the rider to get maximum shifting performance.

The Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak Girls’ Mountain Bike has 24-inch wheels that are well suited for riders of age 8 and above. This would be a cheap mountain bike under $200 if your girl is of 4’8’’ to 5’6” in height. They can experience their freedom with every paddle they make. The adjustable seat makes them adjust their comfort. To wrap it up, this would be the best cheap mountain bike under $200 for your girl.

Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak Girls’ Mountain Bike


  • 24 inch wheel best for girls of age 8 and above
  • Steel framework that makes it durable and strong
  • Front suspension fork offering smooth ride
  • Alloy rims allowing durability of the bike.
  • 18 speed shifters for good traveling speed


  • Very cheap
  • Smooth ride and durable
  • Good braking system


  • Not enough speed

4. Dynacraft 24 INCH B 18S Gauntlet RED Bike

The Dynacraft 24 INCH B 18S Gauntlet Bicycle is one of the best mountain bikes for men under $200 that grabs the attention of passionate riders with its highlighting features. Although some say that this bike is unisex, it has been seen that boy’s purchase this bike the most.

The Dynacraft 24 INCH B 18S Gauntlet Bicycle has a full suspension that provides you with a very smooth ride. With its full suspension, you don’t have to worry about those bumpy roads anymore. The full suspension absorbs all the shocks giving you a smooth ride and much-needed stability. In terms of speed, the Dynacraft Gauntlet comes with a 21-speed shifter derailleur and also has twist grip shifting. The 21 speed helps you to get a speedy ride.

This bike is best for off-road riding or long-distance riding. Thanks to its smooth and durable features, you can take this bike for long rides without having to compromise your comfort. The sturdy steel framework makes the mountain bike durable. With high speed, comes the responsibility of a quick stop. Therefore the gauntlet has added front and rear v-brakes to give you a sure instant stop. This gives you the full control to travel fast with the certainty of an instant stop.

Dynacraft 24 INCH B 18S Gauntlet RED Bike


  • 24 inch wheel for smooth riding
  • V-brakes for instant and sure stop
  • 21 speed shifters with twist grip
  • Full suspension for uneven road bumps
  • Steel framework that gives durability


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Strong and durable
  • Best for long distance riding
  • Good braking system


  • Not lightweight
  • Some adjustments are required

5. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Huffy Summit Ridge, Hardtail mountain bike can be a great choice at a reasonable price. If you have a low budget but looking for a wonderful mountain bike then you don’t need to further look for this bike. If you love adventure you must try for this Huffy.

Anyone, more than 13 years and minimum height 5 feet can ride on it. The Huffy constructed with a durable steel frame, which makes the bike lightweight and easy to convey.

It comes with Kolo 1200 suspension fork handles that provide you smooth riding experience on the jerky trail.

The Huffy Summit provides 21 speeds to ride on uphill and downhill. Besides, it has Shimano TZ-31 derailleur on its rear and micro shift twist shifter so that you can shift the gear speed instantly.

The bike contains linear pull hand brakes with amazing stopping power. The premium quality padded ATB Saddle offers you comfortable riding and you can adjust the seat height as per your need. It also comes with a kickstand.

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike


  • It comes with alloy wheels
  • The pedals are ATB type resin on 3 piece crank
  • Krayton comfortable touch grips
  • The slight raising handlebars
  • Shimano TZ-31 derailleur on its rear and micro shift twist shifter
  • The bike has 21 speeds
  • Features with Kolo 1200 suspension fork handles
  • Contains linear pull hand brakes


  • Its is an affordable budget bike
  • Multiple color variety available
  • Lightweight, good looking and durable
  • Adjustable padded seat
  • Kickstand included


  • It has no cons

6. Schwinn 700c Copeland Men’s Hybrid Bike

The Schwinn 700c Copeland Men’s Hybrid Bike product is the one from the Schwinn series that caught the attention of a lot of bicycle lovers. Firstly because this is one of their best bikes under $200. And secondly, the features that this bike has will excite any passionate riders out there. The 28-inch wheeler promises you a smooth ride on uneven roads. It is highly versatile and comfortable for commuters who seek a smooth ride to work.

The framework of the bike makes the bike very lightweight favoring the weight of tall riders. Also, the light framework gives the bike more stability and durability. Whether you are just traveling to the grocery store or going on an adventure with your friends, this $200 bike makes any kind of journey possible.

The comfortable cushioned seating gives you maximum comfort while riding towards your adventure. The 21 speed with a twist shifter and a Shimano rear derailleur allows you to quick and precise gear shifts. The front and rear V-brake gives you an instant stopping power regardless of the speed.

Schwinn 700c Copeland Men’s Hybrid Bike


  • Durable and strong Schwinn steel frame
  • 21 speed twist shifters
  • Front and rear V-brake
  • Alloy rims


  • Comfortable seating
  • The fender protects from mud splash
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Tubes might need changing after certain period of time

7. LODDD High Carbon Steel 26 Inch Folding Mountain Bike

If you are looking for the best folding mountain bike under $200, then without a doubt the LODDD High Carbon Steel 26 Inch Folding Mountain Bike should be your choice. This bike is designed for unlimited fun and is also very light. Out of many features that this bike has to offer, safety is the most important feature that this less than $200 mountain bike happens to offer.

Many riders out there want to enjoy their outdoors but want to have the feeling like they are in the city. For them, this bike offers such a feeling of emotion. The easy to pack feature allows the bike to be taken along any trip without any hassle. When folding the bike, you are saving a lot of space making the LODDD High Carbon Steel 26 Inch Folding Mountain Bike very durable.

The mechanical disc brakes offer more stopping power than the traditional v-braking system. This ensures that the rider is traveling with more safety and control. The steel framework allows the bike to withstand mountain track abuse. The 26-inch wheeled bike comes in Shimano derailleur and shifters allowing quick and precise gear shifting. The front and rear shock absorbers will absorb almost all the shocks giving you a smooth ride till the end. Overall, considering all the features, this folding bike would be the perfect choice to get under $200.

LODDD High Carbon Steel 26 Inch Folding Mountain Bike


  • Easily foldable
  • Mechanical disc braking system
  • Strong and durable
  • Has a lot of safety features
  • Shimano derailleur for precise and quick gear shifting
  • Front and rear shock absorbers


  • Reliable and powerful braking system
  • Can withstand uneven mountain tracks
  • Very strong and durable
  • Easy to carry


  • Some can be heavy in weight

8. Hyper Shocker 26″ 18-Speed Men’s Bike

A monster bike under $200? Too good to be true right? Well, the features this baby has will make you forget about other mountain bikes that exists. Hyper Shocker 26” 18-speed Men’s bike is the ride that will take you to a world of comfort. This bike truly define the words “relaxed ride.” Its 26 inch frame allows it to deliver comfort while riding on off road surface. The front and rare braking system is just smooth enough to save you in the worst case scenario till the very last moment. The 18-speed features of this bike is absolutely perfect for any high speed adventure with your friends.

The 26″x2.25″ Knobby tires allow the bike to give out its best performance on any sort of roads assuring a comfortable journey. The 18-speed twist grip shifting gear adds the perfect element to sail off on the park or on the broad streets of the country side. The aluminum alloy ensures the strength and durability of the bike allowing it to take on a weight of 250 lbs. Nothing beats a monster bike when it has a stylish outlook that would jaw drop all the other bike owners with nothing but jealousy.

Hyper Shocker 26 18-Speed Men’s Bike


  • Full suspension absorbing bump abuse
  • 18-speed twist grip shifter
  • 26 inch aluminum frame supporting weight up 250 lbs
  • High friction 26”x2.26” Knobby tires
  • High performance braking system. Linear pull front and rear brakes.
  • Deluxe padded seat giving maximum comfort


  • High endurance capability. Heave use
  • More speed with that other mountain bikes
  • Adds class to your profile
  • Smooth braking system to avoid unwanted situations
  • Comfort in each paddle
  • Very much affordable in terms of budget


  • No negative sides found yet.

Final Words

There is nothing to argue that budget bikes are best or can be good like average as higher priced bikes. The perception of value depends on the buyer’s buying purposes and relevant factors for the bike.

There is no matter to be embarrassed by riding a reasonably priced bike, why would you miss all its amazing activities just because you don’t have enough money to buy high-class equipment in spite of having so many options of mountain bike under $200?

It has been more than eight years since I am riding bicycles and it is one of the best things for me to own a mountain bike. Always try to find out what is your need and it will help you to find the desired one. You don’t need to decide in a hurry because there are heaps of designed bike and you might get confused easily.

Bike riding is extreme fun. I must say go for a ride and enjoy the experience at least once or even more if you like adventures and explore a terrain which looks hard to finish while riding.

First time I went mountain bike riding with some of my friends and I was a little bit scared but if you have riding skills there is nothing to worried, it is safe. To be a skilled rider you can try any of these unlimited featured and affordable bikes and have fun. Good luck with your shopping!

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