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Mountain Bicycle World is created by a group of adventure lovers who can’t spend a day without cycling and bikes. Initially, we thought normal road bikes are more popular, but eventually we found out that mountain bikes is the winner of the race of “Popularity”. So, we waited no more and build this handy website focused only on mountain bikes. These bikes can bring such thrill and adventure to your daily still life that you have never experienced before.

Mountain Bicycle World

Love for Biking

Imagine a Sunday dawn (morning). It is still dark outside. It seems like the world is sleeping like a peaceful baby! You wake up, freshen up, put on your biking gears and get out of the house with your mountain bike. The mountain at this hour seems like a dreamland. There is light but still the world is not fully lighted up with the sun rays. You are gliding on the uneven surface of the mountain at a steady pace. The wind around you is competing with you, it is trying to rush ahead of you, but you with your steady but fast speed riding with the wind.

Why we’ve created Mountain Bicycle World

Isn’t it amazing? That’ how I (Dan one of the teammates) feel every time I go out for a ride with my companion, my mountain bike. After 2 years with ……………bike, I feel like, it became my companion. But finding the right bike was not easy at first. I have wasted a couple of hundreds on the wrong choice of bike. That happened when I could not find anyone to give me proper advice about buying a mountain bike. That experience compelled me to create this website for mountain bike lovers and of course it gave all of us a source of income as well by becoming an amazon affiliate site.

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How can we help you

On this site, our main focus is to provide concrete advice regarding the purchase of mountain bike. No gimmick or exaggeration. Our main goal is to present the good as well as the bad side of the mountain bikes which are featured on amazon. For our viewers concern, we have created three (3) different sections for mountain bikes depending on the price range. You just go to your preferred section and find a suitable bike for you. You have the option to compare and contrast between two different mountain bikes. All the reviews are non-biased, thus you can find pros as well as cons of your chosen bike. To help you to make an informed decision is one of the primary goals of Mountain Bicycle World.