26″ Genesis V2100 Men’s Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review


Riding a mountain bike is fashion for some whereas some consider it a passion. No matter what the case is buying a proper Mountain Bike is not an easy process. You need to weigh the pros and cons of a bike as well as compare it to the other available MTBs in the market. My job here is to ease up the whole decision making process for you. I will start this review from the basics, then go deeper into the discussion and at last present queries and views of other consumers who have used this product at least once.

I was thinking of buying a mountain bike under 300 dollars with features like dual suspension, adjustable seats, disk brake. However, every time I searched for a bicycle featuring all these feature, the overwhelming price of this type of bike stopped me from going ahead. Indeed, all these features demand for a higher price but budget is a thing you know! It was four months back when I had come across the review of the 26" Genesis V2100 Men's Mountain Bike on Amazon. Instantly, I made up my mind and bought the bike the next day. I could never imagine that a bike featuring suspension, adjustable seats and disk break can come in such a decent and affordable price.​


Things to consider before buying a Mountain Bike


As mountain bikes are designed for rough terrains, you need to frequently adjust the speed, gear or the height of the bike. Thus, flexible adjustability is a must have quality for a mountain bike. Always choose such mountain bike which can offer adjustable seat, gear, height etc.


There is no compromise regarding this issue. Though mountain biking is considered an extreme sports, being comfortable is the first and foremost aspect of it. You need to feel ease and relaxed while riding the trail bike. The seat should be soft and properly cushioned. The paddles have to be able to whirl smoothly and the chain ought to be well oiled. All these will make your ride more comfortable, thus making it more enjoyable.


Safety is such an issue which you should never ignore, unless you want to spend months being at hospital! If that’s not the case then always check the reliability and durability of your bike before purchasing. Double check each and every part of the bike before purchasing it.


A steady speed is a must have for a mountain bike. Also, look for high speed. If you find this combination with all the other factors I have mentioned earlier, then delay no more, just pay the cash and hop on your dream bike.


As you will ride on the rocky and rough path almost all the time, make sure your MTB has got one or two really good quality suspensions, which will absorb the bump and jerking and provide a smooth ride.

Brightly Colored

It might seem a little odd but brightly colored bicycle can bring extra safety for you. Bright color makes you and your bike visible from distance, thus you can be safe on mountain as well as on road.

Reasonable Price

Do not go over the edge. A really expensive mountain bike does not necessarily provide all the necessary facilities. It is more acceptable if you choose a bike within a reasonable price but with all the essential and quality equipment.

Durable But Not Heavy

If your Mountain Bike is heavy, it will become hard for you to ride it on mountain, especially on steep one. As you have to work against gravity, I suggest, go for a comparatively light weighted mountain bike, preferably with aluminum frame. But keep in mind, the bike has to be strong built so it can endure all the pressure and weight.

26" Genesis V2100 Features

  • Frame 26” full suspension aluminum MTB frame.
  • 4 bar linkage Handlebars.
  • Suspension-fork with 80 mm travel Rear Shocks.
  • The coil is able to cover 80 mm travel.
  • Has aEF40 21 speed Shimano Gearing.
  • Has front and rear Shimano derailleur.
  • The saddle is Velo black padded.
  • The seat post has 27.2 X300 mm alloy micro adjust with quick release facility.
  • Has a disk brake abdb 160 mm linear pull rear brake.
  • Has Shimano EF 40 integrated aluminum levers.
  • Has alloy black 26”X1.5” Rims.
  • Tires are 26”X 2.1”
  • Has standard pedals, KMC chain, A-head TDS63K-8 steam,100 mm 15D EXT and 68” LX24”WX 39”H dimension.

Brief Description of the product

Featuring a full suspension aluminum frame the 26" Genesis V2100 Men's Mountain Bike is very user friendly. It offers you smooth riding experience even on rough terrain. This MTB is my personal favorite as it offers features like dual suspension, adjustable seats and disk brake at an affordable price.


26" Genesis V2100 Men's Mountain Bike is giving you the chance to own a full suspension mountain bike under 200. Full suspension mountain bikes are tend to be more expensive. You have to go way beyond your budget to purchase one of these, whereas Genesis mountain bike offers you the facility of full suspension in an affordable price. An expensive MTB does not ensure mastery or enjoyment of cycling rather an inexpensive yet fit for the cause bike like genesis would undoubtedly bring you more pleasure from cycling.

Effective Suspension

Whenever you are on rough terrain, you are bound to feel the bumps and jerking. However, if you are on genesis v2100 full suspension mountain bike, you can be assured that you will not feel most of the jerking; as this bike comes with 80 mm travel capacity suspension fork. The main work of a suspension fork is to absorb the bumps and make your off tail cycling smooth and comfortable. Both the suspension forks of this bike absorb the pressure completely and make your ride comfortable.

Fantastic Control

The full suspension aluminum frame makes this bike lightweight thus giving you impressive control while riding. Unlike the heavy MTBs, Genesis v2100 mountain bike is easy to control while riding.

Sharp brake

The front disk brake and rare V break allow you to perform sudden brakes. As the brakes are made from good quality aluminum, you can quickly release the brake and speed off without any hassle. Disk brake allows you to stop swiftly and the rare V brake gives you more control.

Effective Shifting

The Shimano EF40 21 speed gears allow you to change the speed according to your need. In this multi gear bike, the higher and lower gear are the significant ones. Lower gear makes it easier for you to paddle swiftly while climbing up the mountain. Higher gear is great for speed but not so good for going up. For better speed, change the gears top to low before you start climbing a steep mountain. Lastly remember to keep the gears clean.


  • 26" Genesis V2100 Men's Mountain Bike with Full Suspension Blue bike is very well built. It comes with aluminum frame which makes it very durable and easy to handle. Despite being well built and durable, this bike is very light making it easy for anyone to handle.
  • The Shimano gearing system of this bicycle makes shifting between the gears a breeze. It comes with steel steams and a handle box which is good quality but it also makes that part of the bike a little heavier.
  • The bike is equipped with very good quality shifters, the front disk brake and rare V break which are very easy to use, very practical, durable, responsive and very convenient. It does come with standard tires-these tires are capable of handling dirt, stoney roads and all kinds of difficult conditions.
  • Genesis v2100 mountain bike is also equipped with superior quality disk break which is way better than the normal breaks. The full suspension feature makes this bike more desirable. It is capable of 80 mm travel suspension which absorbs every bump on the road. It comes with a standard paddle but the downside of this paddles is that they are plastic. Plastic paddles tend to be less durable so you might consider replacing these with aluminum ones.
  • The rear suspension is adjustable you can adjust the suspension according to your weight. The seat is well designed, durable and comfortable. The seats are adjustable too. It comes with quick release seat steam adjustment.

Advantage & Disadvantage

  • Advantage
  • disadvantage
  • Dual suspension.
  • Dual breaks
  • Adjustable seat pole
  • Reasonable Price


If you are planning to do hard core stunts or jumps or hopping on this bike then genesis v2100 mountain bike is not the right choice for you. It is best for the beginners or entry level bikers and people who prefer off track biking, though.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Genesis v2100 mountain bike seems heavy. I am 5.8” male and my weight is 168 pounds. Is it possible for me to ride this bike on steep hills?

Ans: Genesis v2100 mountain bike only weighs 250 lbs. With your height and weight, this bike is an ideal choice for you.​

Q: What is use of two different suspension?

Ans: Having two different suspension enables this bike to absorb more shocks and bumps thus making your ride more enjoyable on rough terrains.

Q: ​Is the seat adjustable?

Ans: ​The seat post is adjustable and it has a quick release facility.

Final Words

Despite being unable to perform hard core stunts or jumps, 26 genesis v2100 men's mountain bike with full suspension is the best mountain bikes under 200 available in market. It is capable of fulfil your needs of doing stunts or jumps suitable for starters. Cycling with Genesis would definitely make you passionate for cycling.

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